| April 17, 2013
The Neighbourhood – I Love You


The Neighbourhood made their first splash in the blogosphere late last year with their Song of the Year contender, “Sweater Weather.”

Since that first introduction, we’ve been rewarded with two EP’s: I’m Sorry… and Thank You. Both received strong marks and featured a handful of great songs that could have easily served as big singles. On the visual front, they’ve created a trademark black and white aesthetic that serves as a signature to pretty much everything they do, from their music videos down to their tumblr stream.

With a host of incredible songs and strong identity, the Neighbourhood have taken to the road over the past year to build a fan base across the country with their energetic live show (one that culminated by quite literally setting a speaker on fire down at SXSW).

On April 23rd the band will drop their much anticipated debut LP, I Love You, and like most good boys they have decided to tease us with a full album stream prior to the big release. Give it a listen below.

STREAM: The Neighbourhood – I Love You