| March 19, 2013
The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Little Daylight Remix)

You know Little Daylight from their superbly catchy first single “Overdose” as well as any number of remixes (“Before the Dive,” “Constant Conversations“), and you know The Neighbourhood‘s “Sweater Weather” from, let’s say, existing in the world as a human person who listens to music. Put them together and you get a remix that switches the song’s time-zone completely, shifting it from your favorite evening bang jam (industry term) to the type of thing you’d play at sunrise after a long, long night.

Little Daylight’s take on “Sweater Weather” takes two hallmarks of the original track – its shadowy minor chords and fat snare backbeat – and reverses them, Ratatat-style. This version marches upward in a major-chord progression, its cycle grinding out between on-beats, with the background full of fuzz and twinkling electro-jitters that build to a pretty good breakdown. Stream it below.

STREAM: The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Little Daylight Remix)