New | June 10, 2014
The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

new the new pornographers song brill bruisers

Right on the heels of Spoon’s excellent new single comes a fresh release from lauded turn-of-the-century pop collective The New Pornographers. Happy 2000s indie rock appreciation week, everyone!

Then again, one shouldn’t insist on lumping these bands together just because they formerly occupied a combined 95% of front page space on the once-fledgling Pitchfork. Spoon’s particular brand of Y2K buzz rock was always rooted in minimalism and mystery, whereas the Pornos traffic exclusively in maximalism and earnestness. Their music was melodic, catchy, and straightforward – the core ensemble of Dan Bejar, Neko Case and A.C. Newman, despite individual avant-garde proclivities, espoused poptimism and fun at a time when gloomy artfulness à la Radiohead was en vogue.  Nobody was doing it like the New Pornographers in the early aughts.

“Brill Bruisers” is a page straight out of the old playbook: the whimsy, the falsetto, the harmonies, the hooks are all there. Never has a band so decisively established its backing vocals at center stage – the chamber pop “bah-bah,” kids, was a venerable indie pop weapon before How I Met Your Mother went and ruined it. Most importantly, “Brill Bruisers” packs in more sheer joy per measure than pretty much any song that’s been released this year. It’s much appreciated.

“Brill Bruisers” would shine on any of the New Pornographer’s classic albums (the three LP stretch from Mass Romantic to Twin Cinema being one of the finest trilogies in indie pop history) but we’re delighted to note that it will most likely be featured on a new full-length offering from the group, due on August 26th.