| September 6, 2012
The Postelles – Running Red Lights

The Postelles’ music screams three things: New York, high school nostalgia, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not surprising then to learn that three of the four members of the NYC-based band played in the Postelles’ forerunning band, the Blend. High school coffeehouse-style performances led to residencies at NYC venues and soon enough, the Blend became the Postelles. The would-be recent college grads have grown up quickly as their precocious musical appreciation reaches towards the past. Citing early legends Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry as influences, the Postelles combine new with old to create a fresh, timeless sound.

In a recent interview with NYLON, singer Daniel Balk described the group’s latest track, “Running Red Lights” as “an ode…to whatever you’re doing in your life that you probably shouldn’t be, but you just can’t stop.” According to their home page, the band will hit up the Howard Theatre on October 28th, so buy early and we’ll see you there.

STREAM: The Postelles – “Running Red Lights”