| April 23, 2013
The Rest – Who Knows

Hamilton, Ontario seven-piece The Rest are on a mission to make a video for every song from their excellent 2012 full-length, SEESAW. Next up on the list is the first track on the record, “Who Knows,” which explores the tragic existence of a man whose brainwaves mirror isolated picking of the track’s lonely guitar. Sadly, this leads not to awesome musical superpowers, but rather to the inability to recognize or remember anything put in front of him, and the only thing that he manages to hold onto are images of creepy-looking bird monsters. Will he regain his memory, or will he be doomed to a life of tests and medications? And what is his deal with birds? Watch the video above to find out.

Check out the group’s bandcamp to stream SEESAW in its entirety or buy it in all kinds of formats.

STREAM: The Rest – “Who Knows”

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