Video | February 10, 2017
The Staves hit the stoic notes in Tired As Fuck video

The Staves 2

The U.K. sister-trio The Staves have been keeping new music to themselves as they continue to adopt a heavy touring schedule in the U.S. and Europe. However, the sister-trio today has released a resounding new single, “Tired As Fuck.” From the band’s Facebook page, the single “was a song written in the midst of a relationship breaking down. Lamenting (among other things) the lack of some sort of guidance in that kind of situation, but also accepting and resigning yourself to the fact that you have to soldier on. Keep going. There is no helping hand.”

The band’s newest release has all the makings of what Staves fans have grown to love: deep, emotional, and intricate lyrics matched with sweeping trio harmonies. This track is a bit edgier than their past work, providing listeners a glimpse into the range that producer Bon Iver has tapped into.

The music video for the single is simply shot in black and white with each of the women silhouetted against a black backdrop. At no point in the music video do the three girls occupy a single shot, instead, all that invades their space is a looming shadow as the song progresses.

The Staves are embarking on a new North American tour. Check their touring dates here to see if they’ll be stopping near your neck of the woods.