| August 9, 2010

I put Jamaica’s “I Think I Like U 2″ on the Cannabliss Mix a few months ago, yet somehow neglected to dedicate an entire to post to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands of 2010. Those around me know that I’ve nearly beaten the song to death, playing it every chance I get, making it my ringtone, and downloading remix after remix. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover why the band is destined for big things; the Parisian duo are produced by Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay and Daft Punk sound engineer Peter Franco. With those men at the helm, success is sort of, well, guaranteed.

Imagine my excitement, then, upon hearing the band’s newest track, “Short and Entertaining,” which is just that: and under-three-minute dance-rock whirlwind. I literally cannot wait to hear more. The potential here is just enormous. If this were the NBA Draft, Jamaica would be the freak athlete who had an absurd freshman year and is projected as all-NBA first team with the right coaching. Basically, they’re this guy (not this guy).

Check “Short and Entertaining” below, as well as the slowed down 80s synth remix of “I Think I Like U 2″ by Breakbot.

MP3: Jamaica – “Short and Entertaning”
MP3: Jamaica – “I Think I Like U 2 (Breakbot Remix)”