New | September 20, 2016
Thom Yorke – Coloured Candy

After Radiohead’s release of A Moon Shaped Pool back in May by surprise on a silent, eight day’s notice – possibly the most momentous event in music this year – Thom Yorke returns with a new solo track, “Coloured Candy.” But a Thom Yorke song is never just a song, nor is it ever completely one. The song’s loose structure rather transcends us into that cerebral yet spiritual plane where computers bleed feelings unto us we thought we never could feel. As previous Radiohead and Thom Yorke releases so frequently have done. It begins with a voice à la Stephen Hawking, droning on as an icy soundscape unveils around it. Yorke’s instrumental voice soon permeating over the chaos, floating so beautifully through the bleeps and bloops and distorted vocals and beats that its lyrics don’t even matter. There just there to provide sound. To blast off yourself, listen on YouTube above. You’ll do so over and over.