New | February 14, 2017
Thundercat – Friend Zone


Thundercat’s second single from his upcoming LP Drunk is a diatribe against the ‘friend zone’ (released, fittingly, on Valentine’s Day). Scattered synths and wobbling bass complement lyrics about playing video games in bitter response to being friend-zoned. As on “Show Me The Way,” which featured oddly unironic performances from Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, “Friend Zone” has an unplaceable wryness. The seeming sincerity of Thundercat’s vocal approach clashes with the silliness of lines like “You stuck me in the friendzone / That’s bullshit / I’m gonna play Diablo either way / You can go or you can go.” Somewhere between elevating the mundane and mocking it, Thundercat continues to develop his own recognizable aesthetic, destabilizing the distinction between authenticity and pastiche. Drunk is due out February 24 on Brainfeeder.