| April 16, 2012
Thundercat – Walkin’

Thundercat is the guy everyone you want to hang with wants to hang with. He’s played bass for such diverse artists as Snoop Dogg, Suicidal Tendencies, Jessica Simpson, and most recently teamed up with Flying Lotus to release a solo album, The Golden Age Of Apocalypse. He cites drummer Tony Williams as inspiration for the decision to dabble in vocals, saying, “If Tony Williams can sing on his album, eff it! I can sing on my album!” Right on, Thundercat.

His new video for “Walkin'” takes his insane eclecticism even further. Because the next logical step after you’ve worked with everyone in music is to branch out to other industries, he casts porn star Havana Ginger as his leading lady. Although, I only gathered her occupation from the surprisingly informative youtube comments, so I can’t confirm that’s actually her trotting along beside him. For all I know, it’s the person in the horse mask, or the person with lazers for eyes. Because it’s essentially the music video version of this picture. Enjoy.

STREAM: Thundercat – “Walkin'”

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