| May 11, 2012
Tiny Victories – Mr. Bones

Though the soundscape of 2012 has been littered with stars so far, it’s worth bringing attention back to one of the year’s first bright spots: the Those of Us Still Alive EP from Brooklyn two-piece Tiny Victories. The record’s first track and debut single, “Mr. Bones”, recently got a video accompaniment that perfectly matches the group’s expansive sound. As the video opens, waves on the screen mimic the song’s electronic chimes, evoking falling water. Soon quick cuts alternate between huge, sprawling city views and touching, personal early-morning moments. Shots of the pair setting up for a show are interspersed with views of Earth from space, and as the beat kicks in – after a minute of anticipation and buildup – a smooth vocal comes to provide a foundation for the rest of beats to play on.

The video snippets continue to flash intermittently in explosions of light, emphasizing the grandiose synthesized rhythms. But small, intimate moments always return, bringing balance to the huge images as the vocals do with the music. The video, like the EP, is about building up beautiful enormity and then zooming in to see the individual pieces that comprise it.

STREAM: Tiny Victories – “Mr. Bones”

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