New | January 20, 2015
Tobias Jesso Jr. – How Could You Babe

It’s 2015, but it might as well be 1975 in Tobias Jesso Jr.’s new video for “How Could You Babe.” The latest track to be revealed off¬†his upcoming debut album Goon, “How Could You Babe” is an unrequited love piano ballad that’s fittingly matched with grainy film and a retro Mercedes. Jesso Jr. looks wistful in the backseat of cars, walks the streets and plays in an empty pool, all the while singing with a voice Simon & Garfunkel would adore. The video is intentionally dreamy and romantic as he repeatedly asks his former flame how she could love another. You also might wonder how someone could forsake such a beautiful voice. Give it a watch above.