| August 23, 2011
Toro y Moi – New Beat (Star Slinger Dancehall Remix)

Star Slinger has largely been on tour and recording his forthcoming Volume II recently, but he’s found time to drop a couple one-off remixes. The best and most transformative of those is his remix of “New Beat,” the hit single off of Toro y Moi’s Underneath the Pine.  When asked to do the project, Star Slinger said that he couldn’t do another soul beat, so of course he did a riddim.  In this version, the funky electro-bass lines have been lost to hand-drums and jungley synths.  In fact, the remix would be totally unrecognizable if it wasn’t for Chaz’s vocals, which introduce the song and continue to be the focal point throughout.  What results is something that sounds like a rainy dance party.  Star Slinger will be stopping by U Street Music Hall this October, and is sure to impress.  I know I’ve already got my tickets.

MP3:  Toro y Moi – “New Beat (Star Slinger Dancehall Remix)”