New | August 8, 2016
Tove Lo – Cool Girl

Ah, the Cool Girl™. A passage in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl made the term famous, but you probably already know her well: the fictional girlfriend who maintains a size two while chugging beer and pizza, doesn’t care when her boyfriend checks out other women, and claims “all her friends” are dudes because girls are “too much drama.”

Are we on the same page yet? We know someone who is—Tove Lo, who just released her latest track, “Cool Girl.” The upbeat groove turns the term on its head, crooning tongue-in-cheek lyrics (“let’s not put a label on it, let’s keep it fun”) that lead up to an addictive chant: “I’m a, I’m a cool girl.” It’s hard not to nod along, not just to the infectious beat but also to its takedown of the problematic term.