| April 3, 2013
Tove Lo – Habits

If Swedish pop starlet-to-be Tove Lo isn’t in your sights yet, or if you’re simply interested in hearing a girl who sounds like Jenny Lewis sing about “watching freaky people getting it on,” stop everything for a hot second and lend your ears to the Marina & The Diamonds-endorsed “Habits.” The track is an irresistible breakup anthem, with a chorus that soars through a succession of perfect musical phrases (I dare your ’90s heart not to flutter at the delicious No Doubt-ish riff that starts on “Spend your days locked in a haze”) and plunges back into the verses, which unravel debauched lyrics under a candy-sweet melody and a resolute beat.

The terrific accompanying video starts off with a pearls-and-chandeliers tea party, but soon enough everyone’s stripped down to their underwear, licking ice cream off of clavicles, popping bottles and sucking face. By the end, Tove Lo’s writhing in a bar booth and blowing bubblegum all over her mascara stains, ready to puke – and as Marina said, it’s “f***ing amazing.” Stream it below.

STREAM: Tove Lo – “Habits”

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