| July 15, 2013
Trailer Premiere: Drop Electric – Waking Up To The Fire

We are positively thrilled to be premiering the teaser trailer for Drop Electric’s new album, Waking Up To The Fire. The DC-based band caught my attention a while back with their track, “Empire Trashed“, which I nostalgically threw on while putting this post together, and holy hell I forgot just how powerful this song is. I once compared it to the wonderful breakdown in “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky, but in hindsight, it’s got a lot more going on that just a dramatic rolling snare and flourishing instrumentation. The Sigur Ros-y vocals that sweep across the song wrench it into something that sounds more like post-punk chaos. But I digress…

With this album teaser, we’re given a small glimpse into the next maturation phase of a band that is starting to see some real traction both locally and outside of the inside-the-Beltway bubble. They’ve dabbled with more electronic-leaning songs in the past (see “Fighting At The Mall“), but the barely minute and a half of new material, which is from a song called “Wack Rappers Meet Defeat”, hints at something a bit more than an electronic drumpad being utilized. The trebled synth that meows over an electronic hip-hop beat mixes well with the heavy, elongated bass that grounds the song, and it has me really curious to hear what direction Waking Up The Fire is going to take.

The album, which is going to be released October 22nd on Lefse Records (who have worked with acts like Youth Lagoon, Neon Indian, and How To Dress Well) is a departure from their previous releases, the band admits. They noted that there will be less live guitar and drums in order to give more room to their vocals and production. They describe it as “a collection of songs living in a land between post-rock, hip-hop and EDM. The result is an undeniably ‘pop’ album, with the uniqueness, weirdness and variety we hope that people expect from us now.”

I’m sure there will be a single or two released before the fall release, so keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for that. In the meantime, you can check them out at Black Cat this Saturday. Grab tickets for that here.

STREAM: Drop Electric – “Empire Trashed”