New | October 24, 2017
tUne-yArDs is back with “Look At Your Hands”

Tune Yards

tUnE-yArDs have always made music with a level of primitive simplicity. This is not to say their music shares is simple or easy. Often, the limited, but complex, instrumentation- wild drums, bass hooks, and a few guitars- provide space on a track for Merrill Garbus’s voice to lead and provide a song’s forward thrust. This makes the group’s newest track, “Look at Your Hands,” a bit strange. Driven by an eighties sounding drum kit, the song embraces a bevy of synths that work together to provide an infectious dance groove. While lyrically it is not as complex as some of Garbus’s best songs, “Look at Your Hands” is still distinctly a tUnE-yArDs track, and one that is danceable and undeniably fun.

Her forthcoming record, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, is out January 18th.