| April 4, 2013
Turf War – Born to Run Free

Need a break from the electro-pop sugar assault? Turf War has the remedy; it’s called rock n roll. Falling somewhere between Confederate soldiers and hipsters in their aesthetics and attitude, the Nashville quintet have just released their first single, “Born To Run Free,” off their forthcoming EP, The Great Escape—and it’s a doozy. These Americana punks sound like they’re having a lot of fun smashing Bruce Springsteen and The Clash together at high speeds. Give it a listen below and your ears will be having a lot of fun too. Thank me later.

The song was recently featured as Converse Rubber Tracks‘ track of the week and is available for download on Converse’s Facebook page.

MP3: Turf War – “Born to Run Free” [Via Converse]

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