Video | January 7, 2014
Twin Shadow – Cupid (112 Cover)

When it comes to covers, Twin Shadow can be it all. Emotionally tormented mezzo-soprano? Eeeeeasy. Recently deceased legend? No sweat. Internationally successful Irish rock band? Right, like that’s hard. The Boss? You’re fired. With song choices as multivalent as his talents, George Lewis Jr. has once again burrowed UNDER THE CVRS to give us his own take on 112’s 1997 track “Cupid.” Steering clear of the original track’s outdated R&B boyband vibe, Lewis replaces percolation percussion with synth, gushy love ballad bridges with digitized solos, and, as usual, makes the track more than his own — he makes it ours. Check out the characteristically black and white and angst-all-over accompanying video above.