| September 19, 2013
Twin Shadow – Old Love / New Love


I hope you weren’t planning on listening to anything else for the next 24 hours because I’ve got a serious earworm for you. I’ll try not to geek out about Twin Shadow’s “Old Love / New Love” but you’ll have to pardon me on this one because it’s almost stupid that something could hold so much soulful, groovy pop. Confession: I couldn’t have cared less about the launch of GTA V until I heard the game’s soundtrack. Now I’m considering a career as a car thief just so my life can sound like this.

“Old Love / New Love” has classic written all over it. It’s just lush, 90’s pop-laden house music that will have you drilled to the dance floor. Fierce y’all, fierce. I may not by buying the game, but I’d definitely buy the soundtrack. Stream below.

STREAM: Twin Shadow – “Old Love / New Love”