| November 5, 2013
Ty Segall – The Man Man

At the risk of jumping the gun, I’m going to admit that my favorite album of 2013 so far is Ty Segall‘s Sleeper. The LP represents a stylistic break from the noisy psych rock in which Segall’s been so prolific, and is a concise record of imaginative acoustic songs about death, nightmares and break-ups.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting a music video from Sleeper for the past few months. I guess he was busy touring the country and recording another full-length album with his band Fuzz, but pshhh. That’s taking it easy for Ty Segall. The video has finally arrived in “The Man Man,” the eerie tale of a guy just trying to get his groceries home on a dark Los Angeles night. It’s half-nightmare and half comic book, with a dash of ’70s action thrown in. Watch it above.

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