New | April 10, 2015


It sounds like somebody’s been listening to a lot of Death Grips and Pharrell

Tyler, the Creator‘s “DEATHCAMP” and “FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT” perfectly embody the weird dichotomy of the Odd Future ringleader. The former shows off Tyler’s proclivity for writing fucked up bangers that push his audiences to warlike moshpits, while the latter represents a complete musical 180. It goes further than anything he’s ever put out before; it’s loud, distorted, and terrifying. The track comes off as a combination of “Jamba,” “French!” and “64,” all turned up a few notches. Just in time for a high profile Saturday night Coachella set this weekend, it promises to be a live highlight, complete with screaming, percussion breakdowns and a guitar outro that Tyler’s beloved Tame Impala would approve of.

On the other hand, “FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT” may be one of the slickest tracks Tyler’s ever put out, clearly influenced by Pharrell’s G I R L. But, smooth production aside, it wouldn’t be a Tyler release unless it was a little fucked up, right? “FUCKING YOUNG” details a relationship between Tyler and an underage girl: “Girl you’re perfect / But you’re too fucking young.” Sonically, the track lies somewhere between “Answer” and “Treehome95,” a far cry from “DEATHCAMP.”

“PERFECT” follows “FUCKING YOUNG” without a song break, echoing its predecessor’s overall sound. Presumably, the female voice at the beginning of “PERFECT” is the underage girl in question from “FUCKING YOUNG,” pushing Tyler to hook up with her, regardless of her age. “PERFECT” has a trademark Odd Future minor key synth jazzy feel to it a la “She” or “Bimmer.”

The two (three) songs don’t give us too much of a hint of what next week’s newly announced Cherry Bomb will sound like, but as Complex pointed outKanye West and Lil Wayne collaborate on a track together. As per a Tyler tweet, “DEATHCAMP” and “FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT” feature Charlie Wilson, Toro Y Moi and the Black Lips’ Cole Alexander.  With a new Tyler album and last month’s screwed up surprise Earl Sweatshirt release, it’s looking like Odd Future is quickly making up for a quiet 2014.

Cherry Bomb drops April 13th. Preorder it here.