| March 27, 2013
Tyler, The Creator – Treehome95 (Ft. Erykah Badu & Coco O.)

Tyler, The Creator‘s upcoming album Wolf is expected to place production over rhymes, with various collaborations — including one with Dave Matthews — serving as a nod to its diverse sound. Although Wolf‘s first releases — “Domo23″ and “Bimmer” — have sounded akin to Tyler’s previous work, “Treehome95″ attests to this promised new direction. The song, which premiered for a verse on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon about a month ago, features syncopated rhythm, jazzy piano chords and sultry vocals from Erykah Badu and Coco O. (of Danish duo Quadron). Tyler is vocally absent save for some backing during the bridge (although he played piano during the Fallon appearance). Coco O. and Erykah sing beckoning and longing verses, seamlessly adding their practiced soul sounds over the jazz backing. The song will almost certainly catch listeners focused on Tyler’s punk-rap catalog off guard, but open-minded fans will find “Treehome95″ a welcome, gutsy new effort.

Wolf will be released on April 2nd via Odd Future Records.