| August 2, 2012
Vacationer – Trip

Unless you’ve been on a trip yourself, leaving the muggy streets of DC to spend a month in an underground cave on Mars with your eyes closed and your hands covering your ears, you’ve probably heard that Vacationer tore it up at last week’s All Thing Gold One Year Anniversary Show at the 9:30 Club. That’s no surprise. The NYC-based band has been grabbing attention around the country as they hijack our imagination, giving us a vision of a life where every day is a holiday and responsibility is simply a distraction. Need a visual? Check out the official video for their first single “Trip,” filmed in, of course, Hawaii. In three wanderlust-inducing minutes, Fortune Film‘s Philippe Grenade creates the home video we all wish we had tucked away in a drawer at our parents’ house. Alas, you’ll have to live vicariously through Vacationer. Unless you want to spraypaint a bike, take off down an oceanside road, and never come home.

STREAM: Vacationer – “Trip”