Video | March 7, 2017
Val Hollie is synth hero in “The Man Who Had Dreams”

Val Hollie 1

With a cutoff t-shirt, Flintstones-era Honda and small town backdrop, Val Hollie takes on a journey in his video for “The Man Who Had Dreams”. Straight from N’awwlins, smooth synth is Val’s game, with some playful guitar plucking to taste. His sexy companion helps him portray a nostalgic imagination in colorful darkness as he inspires the future. Watch below.

On his new single, Peter Campenelli says, “The Man Who Has Dreams’ is a song about hot summer days waiting for hot summer nights. The air is thick and the city is dead, but you find ways to kill the time. Watch trains, throw rocks. Call your friends (leave a message). Summer malaise abounds as we join Val in the depths of his tropical depression, killing time, cutting through a surreal landscape of boyish opulence and back alley vapor.”