New | February 8, 2017
Viceroy joins Wilki and Anjulie for two exclusive tracks

We’re doing a double take for classic producer Viceroy as he shares two tracks featuring fellow house artists Anjulie and Wilki for his Just Marinate EP, out now Sweat It Out.

Wilki 1

First we have the slow, suspenseful buildup of “Marinate” featuring Wilki. This is the title track of Viceroy’s latest EP and introduces his modern house work with a kick. Somewhere in this single is the funky riff of a guitar as it’s blended with a tropical conga run that invokes that sunny beach image on your desktop, though his own photos help specify. The deep vocal track is in near constant modulation, bringing dancefloor narration to an otherwise chill earworm.

Anjulie 1

To bring the balance of honey-sweet vocals, Viceroy worked with Anjulie on “Illuminate”. While beat standards lay the foundation for another dancer, Anjulie brings the heat with vocal swing and balances the high energy with the simple pleasure of good pop lyricism. It’s an effortlessly uplifting track from a production team that we need to hear more from.  Listen below.