| August 8, 2013
Video Premiere: Badboxes – JSMN

There’s something delightful about Badboxes. Though they may literally be named after a box in which all bad things and ideas are stored, it’s probably because they’re all in there that the Pittsburgh trio’s music makes you feel all warm inside. Case in point: their single “JSMN” — also the eponymous track off their debut EP — which seems to fit into the band’s self-described “northern pop” genre quite well.

“JSMN” may be short and sweet, but Badboxes put their time into making a video that’s soft on the eyes. Watch above as the band gets chopped and mixed with scenes of nature, a pretty lady and all kinds of stuff in one of the more creative uses of split-screen we’ve seen in a while.

If you’re in NYC this weekend, you should go check out Badboxes along with COIN and Cardiknox — some other ATG favorites — at The Most Definite’s Knitting Factory showcase this Saturday, August 10th. Details available here.

STREAM: Badboxes – “JSMN”