Premiere | May 25, 2016
Video Premiere: Ryan Egan – Finest Hour

A turtleneck-clad Ryan Egan whips out his best dance moves in the new video for his groovy 80s-influenced “Finest Hour.” As he vacillates back and forth from his falsetto chorus, he’s joined by black skinsuit-clad backup dancers for a slow transition into color. It’s an artistic visual companion to the original song, which was released in April.  Check it out above.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about the video:

The music video for “Finest Hour” was coincidentally shot before recording the final version of the song.  The timing just worked out that way and the concept/production of the video was solidified earlier than the mastered song itself. 

I wanted to do a music video involving shadow dancing for a long time and that was the original concept behind this, but we ended up getting some amazing dancers on board and the visual became more live as opposed to just shadows on a wall.  I spent about a month working on the choreography with the incredible Nicola Collie which was a really rewarding experience and I was lucky to have Janis Munz directing every aspect of the video with me. 

I feel that this song is so tied to the visual at this point that the release feels somewhat overdue and I’m really glad to finally share it with everyone.

Ryan Egan has an upcoming show at Rough Trade NYC with Coast Modern on June 16th.