| August 3, 2012
Visitor – Coming Home // RNB EP

UK-based electro-pop maestros Visitor, who made a splash back in 2010 with their club-friendly track “Los Feeling,” are on the verge of releasing their long overdue debut album. Before that happens, though, they’ll be releasing the Coming Home EP, which includes a new track “RNB” as well as the EP’s eponymous ballad.

Popjustice calls Visitor “a sort of pop-hungry, high drama missing link between The Killers and The Pet Shop Boys,” an apt description considering the band builds its songs around warm, richly layered synths, soaring heartfelt vocals and a smidgeon of melancholic angst. Their music might find home in the Tracasseur-coined “lovewave” genre. For now, though, the band’s sticking with the “Pure Sex” tag on SoundCloud.

If “RNB” is any indication, Visitor have been developing a unique, mature sound of their own over the past couple years. The track starts out in familiar 80s synth territory, but gradually introduces interesting syncopated vocal samples and chiming melodies reminiscent of Japanese classical-pop music (Joe Hisaishi’s soundtracks for Hayao Miyazaki movies come to mind). Like pretty much everything Visitor does, the song is amazingly produced, thanks in part to the contributions of informal third band member Diamond Cut, a prolific remixer and ghost producer for the likes of Monarchy, Catcall, Fear of Tigers, and Van She.

Visitor’s Coming Home // RNB EP is set to be released on September 10th.

STREAM: Visitor – “RNB”