| January 14, 2011

The only thing I love more than Ohio is rave paint. Which is why this post makes me so happy: meet Walk the Moon, a band from Cincinnati, OH that seems to love rave paint almost as much as I do. Who are Walk the Moon? According to their website, “their moms are cute and batty and their dads are big and strong. While singing a capella in college, listening to a lot of Talking Heads, Animal Collective, and Local Natives, and chasing down degrees in Music Theory, Walk the Moon formed out of a love for creative pop songs and exuberant live performances and safari animals.”

I mean you had me at safari animals. Walk the Moon formed in 2009, released their first EP, The Anthem and a later album I Want! I Want! in 2010. I can guarantee their single “Anna Sun” will make you want to move to Ohio, cover yourself in rave paint, and make friends with safari animals. I cannot wait to see where this band lands in 2011!

MP3: Walk The Moon – “Anna Sun”

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