Premiere | October 31, 2016
Watch A Live Performance From Saint Marilyn in 360 VR

What’s better than a live studio performance from synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn? Oh, maybe an IMMERSIVE 360 DEGREE live studio performance from synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn. You can watch their performance of “Frustrate Me” either on Youtube where you can click and drag around or on one of those goofy cardboard headsets (or a non-goofy, non-cardboard one).

This video was made by Big Picture Company, the same ones who did OK Go‘s video for “The Writing’s On The Wall.” The audio is 360 as well, so it’s like you’re there, taking in that synthy goodness. “Frustrate Me” is off of an upcoming LP set for release in 2017. You can also catch Saint Marilyn in the 3D that is real life by seeing them at Mercury Lounge on November 15th. Check out the video above.

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