| December 11, 2012
Watch the Duck – Poppin’ Off

If you believe in cinemagraphic truisms of the Hollywood gospel—and who doesn’t—you know that before a hero can take on a trying physical endeavor, he must learn the true meaning behind a mentor figure’s cryptic mantra and channel it into something like enlightenment. At least, this is the only explanation I can muster for how the guys behind Atlanta’s Watch The Duck can pull off the dance moves featured in the video for “Poppin’ Off.” The DJ/instrumentalist trio’s name comes from the adage that while ducks may look calm on the surface, they’re always kicking like crazy beneath the water just to stay afloat. When things get tough, the group keeps it light by reminding each other to always watch the duck. Cool, yeah? Bow to your sensei.

Even if their trailblazing blend of dubstep and trap rap isn’t your solo cup of tea, the video is worth checking out to get your fix of insane clubby dance offs. The whole vibe captures the band’s commitment to bringing the party and giving it their all. Bassist Eddie Smith notes, “The VIP is the dance floor. That’s how you prove your importance. You’ve got to bring something to the table. It’s not about how much. It’s about how unique.”

If you agree, make sure to grab their newish mixtape RUB-A-DUB (yep, that’s R&B + Dub Step) on their soundcloud page. And above all, remember to watch the duck.

STREAM: Watch the Duck – “Poppin’ Off”

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