Premiere | October 11, 2016
Watch This Terrifying Video From Henry Hall Now

Henry Hall (who just happens to be Julia Louis Dreyfus’s son)┬áhas just released possibly the strangest video of the year. Technically speaking, he just sits in front of a green screen lip-syncing and dancing to his song “Dream Lover,” a deliciously messed up track about being in love with his girlfriend’s sister. But then his eyes get this….look in them. And that’s when it starts to get weird. See it live at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC tonight.

Here’s how Henry Hall explains all of this:

So “Dream Lover” is about being in love with my ex-girlfriend’s sister, which was completely fucked up and weird. Total disaster. I wanted to make the video be as fucked up and weird as the song, so director Jack Coyne and I decided that I should dance like an insane person in front of a green screen with footage of two all-time dream lovers, Gene Tierney and Dorothy Malone. Hope it freaks you out just the right amount.

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