Interview | May 12, 2016
Where The Hell Are My Friends: An Interview With LANY


L.A. trio LANY are rising to the top of the pop scene at unbelievable speeds. They’ve toured with Ellie Goulding and Troye Sivan, have slots at all of the major summer festivals and are in the middle of their first U.S. headlining tour. With the recent release of their video for “Where The Hell Are My Friends,” it’s clear that they’re just getting started. We sat down with all three of the guys for a quick chat before their upcoming sold-out show at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel on May 16th.


Who are we talking to today?

Paul, Les and Jake.


This album is full of raw emotion. Did you plan on it being a progression from the feeling of young love to the pain of betrayal?

Paul: Not exactly planned, I’d have been brilliant to write it out that way. But with writing the harder you work the luckier you are, and before this I spent time being a singer songwriter, was more into the folk style and heavy with metaphors. We got together and I just wanted to speak plainly and in a straight-forward way.


LANY, stands for LA/NY, why this name?

Paul: We actually met in Nashville, I was living in LA, so I flew into Nashville just to see what the three of us could come up with. That trip we wrote our first two songs, and they blew up on internet. The people that were listening and Interested were all “what do you have and can we hear more” so “ILSYB,” “BRB,” and “Made in Hollywood” followed suit. As for LANY, LA & NY cover the coasts, and we’re just an American band.


Whats next?

Paul: Maybe a full length album, we definitely have [stuff in the works]’s exciting times we’ve just been writing as much as possible. I’ve been a bit guilty of thinking the label would think out a plan for us, but that’s not how we roll, that’s not the LANY way. We don’t need a large roll out. If we want to write something, we’re just gonna tell Interscope we’re putting things out. But we’ll be on tour 9 months of the year. Try to be a bit more reserved about what we’re doing, just because it’s better if it’s a surprise.


Your most recent release “Where The Hell Are My Friends,” great track, video on point. Is that an actual problem you’ve faced?

Paul: So we shot video on west side of London, but glad it works. It was based off the fact that last year we played a hundred shows, it was time to start writing. It was the second song we wrote. I remember vividly, eating Chef Boyardee I just microwaved with a $6 bottle of yellow tail wine thinking “Where are my friends? My phone is not ringing, it’s a Friday night, I wanna go out.” So I grabbed a yellow legal pad next to me and the song just came out.


Jake and Les, what’s going on and what do you guys think of it all?

Jake: Wild year so far, for sure. This time last year, we started our tour in a van. Now we have tour managers, we ran merch, now we have a team and crew that we love, we’ve come so far in just a year. And amazing things. This past January I got married, so that’s awesome, and we’re happy to headline.

Les: Yeah, I’d say the same. We’re excited to headline our own tour. Before we were playing for people who didn’t know us, now we play for people that are there to hear our music, and are singing our lyrics back to us. It’s a surreal feeling.


Best place you’ve played?

Salt Lake City is really exciting place for us. When we started our tour we were there and played in a glorified garage. They were the one exception to what we just said, they stacked the place out and knew every word. And this was the EARLY days. We’re ending our headline tour in Salt Lake City. I know Jake and Les are stoked about playing Bonnaroo, since that’s home for them.


Who are you listening to right now?

The new James Blake and Radiohead albums.