Feature | October 24, 2016
Who I’m Listening To: Computer Magic (Halloween Edition)

computer magic

Earlier this month, Computer Magic (aka Danielle Johnson) released a brand new five-track EP, titled Obscure But VisibleEach track is dreamier than the next, with synth-heavy undertones, some which make you dance, all which make you think. It sounds almost like if somebody plugged Frankie Cosmos into a circuitboard. Anyway, we love this new EP so we had Danielle show us who she’s listening to and made it Halloween-themed. Here’s what she said:



Goblin – “Suspiria (Originale)”

This song is featured on the soundtrack for the 1977 Italian horror film ‘Suspiria’ by Dario Argento. It definitely gives off a sense of uneasiness. I even get frightened when I’m listening to this without watching the film, which I highly recommend.
The Cramps – “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”

I think I could list any song by The Cramps for a Halloween playlist. I suggest people watch their performance at the Napa State Mental Hospital on VHS.
Bobby “Boris” Picket – “Monster Mash”

If I’m ever DJing this time of year, I definitely throw this on. It’s always fun to see possessed nurses, vampires, and human-sized Pokémon dance to this together.
The Doors – “People Are Strange”

The lyrics certainly pertain to the spooky happenings on Halloween night.
Broadcast – “Mark of the Devil”

This song is off the soundtrack for the British horror film Berbarian Sound Studio. The band Broadcast scored the film and the whole soundtrack is indeed horrifying. This song is short but creepy. It reminds me a little of the intro song for “A Clockwork Orange”, which I absolutely love, especially with the low droning synths.
Michael Jackson – “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal”

I know everyone lists Thriller, but I can’t imagine a Halloween playlist without it. The music video alone has inspired so many music videos and the song itself is a masterpiece. I also wanted to include “Smooth Criminal” – the lyrics in this one are about a violent attacker, another murderous Halloween song.
Misfits – “Halloween”

I think this one is self-explanatory. If you know the lyrics to it, you understand why it had to be included, and if you don’t know the lyrics to it you should google them because they are insane.
Phillip Glass – “Adam’s Theme”

This is off the soundtrack for the 1988 Errol Morris documentary Thin Blue Line. I always thought this song had a very anxious quality to it, leaving you feeling very unsettled. Phillip Glass is an absolute genius when it comes to making you feel things through music. He also composed the soundtrack for the 1992 movie Candyman, which is another movie option if you’re looking for something terrifying to watch.
Hasil Adkins – “No More Hot Dogs”

Hasil Adkins was a very interesting guy, to say the least. He was a multi-instrumentalist who wrote songs about poultry (he has an album called Poultry in Motion) amongst other things, and is considered one of the founders of the psychobilly genre. This song always struck me as the quintessential psychopath song, the lyrics in particular disturbing, hence reason it resides on this list.
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  – “I Put A Spell On You”

There are tons of renditions of this Halloween classic originally written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. The original is the best, in my opinion, but I also like Creedance Clearwater Revival’s version which is about twice as long.