Feature | October 13, 2016
Who We’re Listening To: Infinity Shred

infinity shred

Brooklyn synth post-rockers Infinity Shred are dropping an album tomorrow, their first since 2013’s Sanctuary and after making some serious changes to their lineup. Long Distance is filled with eerie, cinematic, droning electronic music a la Stranger Things  or Drive. We asked them about what they’ve been listening to during the process of creating this album.



Nathan Ritholz (Guitar)

Machinedrum – Colour Communicator

Machinedrum is one of the most under-appreciated producers of electronic music I can think of. He has been a massive influence on me, in particular how I program percussion. Luckily he just put out another amazing album, titled “Human Energy.”

Meshuggah – Stifled

Meshuggah have been around literally since I was born and just released their heaviest album to date, “The Violent Sleep Of Reason”. This song gets extra points for the super pretty ambient synth outro which is a rare move for them. I’ve been blessed this October with great releases from some of my favorite artists, the two mentioned here as well as Mono and Oathbreaker in particular.

Damon Hardjowirogo (synths)

Oneirogen – Siege

Convivium is some of Oneirogen’s most interesting work to date. We had the pleasure of playing with Mario in August and he’s been a huge source of inspiration for me the last three years. His work shows off such clear control and commitment to vision. Beyond Oneirogen he’s also an amazing classical composer and 1/2 of a sick metal band called Luminous Vault.

Astronoid – Resin

This album reminds me of a lot of things I would have hated in middle school but love so much now. Resin in particular stood out to me as a particularly anthemic track. The whole album, “Air,” is such a refreshing take on everything it draws inspiration from –  Brett’s an insanely talented musician and producer – we couldn’t be more thankful to have worked with him on our album.


Clara Warnaar (Drums)

Anna von Hausswolff – Evocation

“Evocation” by Swedish organist Anna von Hausswolff is an amazing start to her most recent album, and both the live and produced videos of the song are huge. Some instruments have expectations and traditions that are hard to break out of (organ maybe more than any other), so I respect her all the more for crossing those limits in all the ways she does.

Daniel Wohl – Holographic

Daniel Wohl is a composer who manages to evenly live in both worlds of electronic and contemporary classical music, sort of like Mario (Oneirogen) who just had a piece premiered by members of the LA Philharmonic. This whole album offers a smooth and often unexpected combination of acoustic and electronic sounds: something I’m very into, since I come from a classical training but have been listening to and loving electronic-based music as long as I can remember.