Feature | July 20, 2016
Who We’re Listening To: Private Island

private island
SoCal six-piece Private Island just released a new EP, Sunbreakthat sounds just like summer with its fuzzy guitars and sweet harmonies. In honor of the new EP, we asked each member of Private Island to tell us their songs of summer. Check out their answers and stream the EP below.

Christian Lum (lead vocals) – “Runnin” by Smino produced by Monte Booker; The whole Blkjuptr EP has been my jam this summer. Shout out to TJ for putting me on to it. Really well produced, the lyrics are amazing, and the style is sick.

Michelle Guerrero (backup vocals, keys) – “Forget Me Nots” by Patrice Rushen; Everybody knows this song, even if it does require a quick Spotify search. I’m a huge fan of R&B & oldies & this song has definitely has that feel along with a feel of funk, which is the cherry on top. Patrice’s vocals are smooth, genuine, & feminine, but most importantly effortless sounding. Less can be more. This genre is a score for me as it is the genre that helped me discover my interest in singing & being a dancer it gets ya girl moving. This song & this genre is funky & chill & usually contains the most memorable melodies; impossible not to love it!

Cameron Anderson (guitar) – “Love You’re Given” by Jack Garratt; I dig this guys style and this song in particular. It’s off his album Phase which is good as well. It’s a nice mixture of piano, electronic beats, and sexy vocal melodies. I love sexy vocal melodies.

Roger Mawer (keys, backup vocals) – “Back Home” by Caribou; I really like the synth sound he uses. I understand the work it can take to create a tone that fits the right way in a song and throughout this album each song seems to have a unique identifying tone. The way he progresses his songs too is masterful. It’s really refreshing to hear song structure that evolves the way this song does.

Tommy Nickerson (bass) – “Cheeseburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet; Jubilance. Pure jubilance when I hear this song. This classic track is simple, authentic, unadulterated rock. In retrospect, I had no idea what was being bestowed to my ears when I first heard Jimmy Buffet on my dad’s boat on Lake Nacimiento. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I do now.

Tim Barbour (drums) – “Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky; This masterpiece was the rock and roll of its time . F the rules, flip the table, drop the mic and go down in history.