Interview | March 21, 2016
We Stole Hip Hop: A Joint Interview with Wiki and Antwon

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After teaming up for a few cuts on Lil Me, LA underground star Antwon and quick-tongued Ratking MC Wiki are hitting the road together this month. Despite operating from opposite coasts, the two young rappers complement each other’s gritty, “hardcore reality” style not only in their equally prodigious musical careers, but in their wit and attitude. Check out our conversation with them below as they get hyped for the upcoming tour.


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So y’all are touring together now and you’ve already done some tracks together, but you’re from opposite sides of the country. How’d you two meet and start working together?

Wiki: I don’t know, shit. When did we meet? We met like three years ago and after that it was over. We just connected. I mean we had a bunch of mutual friends, so it all kinda made sense.


Are you two planning to release more music together?

Wiki: Yeah for sure. Definitely.

Antwon: Definitely.


What’s the best place you’ve played together so far?

Antwon: Everywhere man, but we’ve still got like a million more places to go. We’re set for the future. This is gonna be the one, we got like a thousand more shows to go. We’re playing a thousand shows this year.


Y’all have both been touring a lot all over the world. What’s that lifestyle like?

Wiki: Yeah we just finished up some shows with Animal Collective it was cool. It was short, but it’s something I’m glad we got to do. The touring lifestyle’s not too bad, it’s chill. I mean yeah we get tired but it’s fun to perform.

Antwon: I’ve been touring a lot and playing a lot of shows. As far as that, I’m just trying to show people it’s more than just music. I’m trying to show people it’s more than just a track and laughing. It’s more than just hip-hop music. I’m just trying to give people a good time. I haven’t put out a lot of new music because the whole time I’ve been recording it, making it, waiting for it to cook. It’s got to cook. I’m about to drop Double Ecstasy on April 1st on Anticon records.


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How’d you pair up with Anticon for that record?

Antwon: Ah man you know what it is man, they gave me a chain and everything. They dropped a chain on me and were like man, take this chain, you’re about to be on Anticon records. And then they gave me a Mazda, a Miyata, and everything was crazy man I was like fuck, that’s wild as fuck, and they gave me a house too. I’m in the house right now. I live in it. It’s big. Anticon records baby (laughs). It’s crazy I get free healthcare. Anticon Records baby. Medicare baby. You know what it’s like to have free medical care?


No, I don’t (laughs).

Antwon: It’s free baby! I go to the doctor any time bruh! I go to the doctor any time and it’s free, bro, I don’t pay nothing.


You just flash your Anticon I.D. and they let you in?

Antwon: Yup. Free Anticon Medicare man. April 1st. Double Ecstasy.


(Laughs) Dope. Wiki you also just had a new project, your first solo, what was different working on that than on your stuff with Ratking. Are you gonna do a lot more solo stuff?

Wiki: Yeah, I was just working with different producers more and was less in a safe space and less other people and more of me just doing what I wanted to do. I’ll probably do more Ratking stuff but I’ll also be doing more solo stuff. And yeah it’s cool I can work with all the people I wanted to work with, know what I mean? I thought it was tight to just kinda delve in there right quick on my own.


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Now both of y’all have worked with a pretty extensive list of producers in the past. Who are some producers that y’all are really excited to work with or that you feel like you really vibe with when you work together?

Antwon: Off the top uh… I’m excited to work with Dr. Dre. Off top excited to work with Scott Storch. I’m off top excited to work with Ke$ha, with uh… Timbaland.

Wiki: Yo but you also got Yung Gutted shit coming out, man.

Antwon: Nah, nah, man. Aight I fuck with Yung Gutted shouts out to Yung Gutted, but we’re really trying to work with, who else? Just Blaze. Just Blaze on the track.

Wiki: Yeah nah like Black Noi$e, [Black] Mack, there’s a bunch of people. Skywlkr, all the homies really. There’s a lot of people we got on the record that we wanna work with, to keep working with. DJ Lucas.

Antwon: DJ Pauly D, on the track.

Wiki: (Laughs)


wiki antwon

Y’all have been playing some colleges, are you gonna do more college shows in the future?

Antwon: Hell yeah. We’re tryna do the black college tour for real though. I want that, man.


What do you like about playing colleges in particular?

Antwon: Fuck, man. You meet these kids man they’re eager to learn. Their parents paying money so they can learn, so they’re obviously eager to learn right? They ain’t doing drugs or getting fucked up, not partying or getting all crazy. They’re at college to learn! We’re there to teach them too, to teach them about our struggle. Know what I’m saying? Our struggles in the ghetto.

Wiki: (laughs)

Antwon: We’re trying to go to Starbucks.

Wiki: To me it can be cool to play colleges, the last colleges we played were really tight. And usually when you go it’s also like yo there’s a party tonight or something.

Antwon: We love college man. We love playing colleges. We’re doing the college thing.


For the stuff you both have coming out this year and next year, what is it you’re really trying to make that music about? What interests you as a topic?

Antwon: Man we’re just trying to write about the hardcore reality. Just daily life, dailiy struggles man. We’re talking about what everybody’s thinking about, know what I’m saying?  We aren’t trying to rap about no ice, but we got that! (laughs) We’re trying to rap about everyday things that everybody can get into.

Wiki: Yeah. How we do it.


And Wiki, is there anything you have coming out soon?

Wiki: Nah, you just gotta go cop that Lil Me, catch us on tour. We stole hip-hop. Come out. It’s gonna be lit.