| August 15, 2013
WRITER – I Make Neon


What’s the old maxim? Writing about WRITER is like music-ing about music?

In this case, WRITER refers to the neo-grunge band of brothers who recently released their I Make Neon 7″ on Nineteen98. Brooklynites-via-San Diego James and Andy Ralph are fresh off of opening for the Heartless Bastards, and their new music debuts a heavier, more distorted rock. I Make Neon comes less than a year after the release of their full-length Brotherface (I guess The Black Keys took Brothers), and features two songs: “IE” and “Neon.” Both feature searing guitars and blown-out, crashing waves of sound, like Nirvana blasted through broken speakers. Stream them below.

I Make Neon is available to purchase via digital download at Nineteen98, with a limited clear lacquer 7″ available August 31st.