| November 28, 2011
Yellow Ostrich – ‘Til I Disappear

I hate to play this game, but I was into Yellow Ostrich waaaay before you were. Last December, our buddies over at WGTB featured the New York-via-Wisconsin band in an “Early Spin” column and followed up in March with an epic in-studio performance. So when the band’s LP The Mistress finally dropped in August and was met with serious laud, I had already worn in my copy significantly (can you wear in an mp3? I’m pretty sure you can and I did). This week, YO has released a new bonus track, “’Til I Disappear” —a much different version from that found on 2010’s Wild Comfort and a welcome addition to the band’s already epic oeuvre. “’Til I Disappear” starts off with the straightforward, infectious indie pop sound that makes The Mistress worthy of repeat listening, but quickly devolves into a distorted guitar solo that packs an energetic punch and validates my indie street cred for having known all along just how great these guys are.

Follow the instructions to download.

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