Review | September 8, 2017
Zack Be’s debut record Used To, Elsewhere, is streaming here!

Zack Be 1
With manic feelings induced from the jump, D.C.’s own Zack Be introduces Used To, Elsewhere. As a veteran musician of the district’s legendary music scenes, notably Cartoon Weapons, Zack recently went off on his own, recording and testing new material around town. This is a perfect demonstration of the scene, and we’re streaming now.

Opening with the title track, Zack creates a playful atmosphere while lamenting loss of dreams. Visions of the future offer comfort, despite a healthy amount of negative self-reflection, as he demonstrates a mastery of flow. Moving on to “Wheels on a Family Church”, which we covered last week, Zack takes it down a notch. Harmonizing xyolophones take the place of speedy vocals while Zack slows to a melodic pace. Coming to a deceptively mellow conclusion with “The 4,000 Years”, the album brings every instrument together in epic crescendo. Catch Zack around town and listen below.